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    Providing Waverly NE Businesses and Homeowners with Heating Repair ServicesThe heat pump or furnace in your home is used around the clock to keep you warm when the cold, Midwestern winter weather arrives in Waverly. In the event that you should need furnace repair services in Waverly, NE, simply give Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc a call and our furnace technicians will promptly send someone out to take a look. We understand that problems don’t always arise during normal business hours. In order to serve our customer’s needs, we offer emergency service and affordable, flat-rate billing. These factors combined with our excellent customer service make us the preferred choice for heat pump and furnace company in Waverly! But what makes us so great? See below:

    • Certified Technicians
    • In Business Since 1984
    • High-Quality Products
    • Carrier Authorized Dealer
    • Wide Service Area
    • Emergency Services
    • Specials Available
    • And More!

    When to Replace Your Furnace or Heat Pump in Waverly

    Is your heating bill rising, home comfort decreasing, or is your heat pump or furnace not very reliable? Before you call for a furnace
    repair in Waverly, you may need to consider purchasing a replacement. How can you tell if your furnace or heat pump system needs to be replaced? The biggest reason to replace your unit is because of its age. The standard age for replacement is 15 years or older. Modern heaters are much more efficient and can save you $40 on every $100 you spend on fuel. Another important reason that is often not considered by homeowners is the size of the furnace. Many think that having a larger than needed furnace or heat pump is better for heating the home. This is not correct and causes many issues, needs for repairs, and reduced efficiency.

    Reliable Heat Pump and Furnace Service from Certified Technicians

    Your heat pump or furnace in Waverly, NE might be some of the most important equipment inside your home. Without these precious units, your home would be a cold, miserable place to be. That’s why we highly recommend calling Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc for all of your heat pump and furnace needs. From repairs and replacements to installations and maintenance, we can get your home back to comfortable temperatures so you can go back to enjoying your life. See below for a full list of the heating services we offer Waverly residents:

    Waverly’s Specialized Heating Maintenance

    Keeping your heating system running smoothly is a necessity in Waverly, NE. That’s why Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc offers heating maintenance services to keep your furnace working its best when you need it the most. Our technicans can regularly check your system for any future signs of potential repairs or replacements. Trust our heating technicians in Waverly, NE to provide you with reliable furnace maintenance services.

    Whether you need a furnace repair in Waverly, or would simply like to preserve your equipment with routine maintenance services, Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc can help. We strive to offer same day service for those in need of quick repair to ensure that your home comfort is never in jeopardy. Since 1984, we’ve been providing exceptional heat pump and cooling services in Waverly, NE. Make an appointment today!