How Do Heat Pumps Work in the Winter?

Heat pumps are the popular decision when choosing how to warm your home. Winter is cruel, and heat pumps work. With both efficiency of the equipment and an energy saver that keeps more money in your pocket.

Warming Winter

During the summer, a pump takes the heat from the inside of your home and replaces it with colder air. Think of the reverse. A heat pump takes the bitterly cold air outside and warms it to blast through your ventilation system. The pump can even pull from 20 degrees or lower and warms your home when you need it the most.

People who live in an ever-changing climate sometimes use both heat pumps and a variety of furnace systems. The heating hybrid system ensures you will never have to rely on one to work. You will have a back-up if you are in need of heat pump maintenance, repair, or replacement installation.

Doable Defrost

Heat pumps have the pro of the ability to defrost when the elements force it to freeze over. If the outside air freezes your pump over, the defrost will quick on. Do not worry. The process does not take long, and it will be acting normally, soon.

If your defrost kicks on too often or remains on longer than usual, you may require a technician to check the heat pump. It is better to be safe than sorry and have your pump up to par when the first gust of winter washes through.

Keeping Pump Primed

Self-maintenance is possible and recommended. To keep your heat pump working at full potential, you will need to complete specific tasks. Clearing debris that builds up is always the first step and an easy way to keep your source of heat in proper order.

Best practice also includes changing out filters and scheduling to have any issues looked at by a specialist.

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