Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc is a heating company serving residents in the Walton, NE, area. We’ve been in operation since 1984 and have expanded from a small operation to a furnace company with 45 employees in a massive 12,000-square-foot office. All technicians are NATE-certified and make the customer their top priority. Our competitive pricing is just a bonus. With January low temperatures in Walton averaging just 14 degrees, let us make sure your home stays safe and warm.

    Heating Company in Walton, NE

    Top-Quality Heating Repair Service

    When your heating system needs repair, our furnace company knows it’s important to act quickly. With freezing temperatures, you can’t risk going without heat. We’ll send out a trained technician at any time of day or night to assess and fix the problem. If your furnace has been making lots of strange noises, isn’t heating your home, or is running continuously, give us a call.

    Trusted Heating Installation Team

    As your furnace ages, it begins to run less efficiently. This leads to cold spots in your home, rising heating bills, and a machine that seems to run at all hours. Our team will be happy to install a brand-new unit for you that will heat your home comfortably. We’ll work with you to choose a model that best works for your family based on budget, home size, and personal preference. Before we leave, we’ll show you the ins and outs of your new system. You can always call us after we’re gone with any questions you may have.

    Walton Heating Maintenance Company

    Walton Heating Maintenance CompanySometimes, it can be difficult to force ourselves to schedule something like a fall furnace tune-up when it seems like nothing is wrong with our heating systems. However, regular maintenance is a necessity, and it offers numerous benefits.

    Ensuring that your heating system is maintained will help:
    • Your furnace last longer
    • Lower your monthly energy costs
    • Uncover small problems before they lead to big repairs
    • Keep indoor air quality high
    • Improve your indoor comfort

    We’re happy to serve our Walton customers with exceptional care. Give us a call today and ask us about our services and how we can assist you!

    Not looking for a heating company? We also offer a full range of AC services as well!

    Is your furnace making strange noises that make you cringe with worry? Give us a call at Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc and ask us about our heating repair services!

    Winter is coming, and so is the need for a warm and comfortable home. You can turn to Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc for all your heating installation needs!

    Getting an annual heating tune-up saves you money in the long run! Give us a call today and ask us about our yearly heating maintenance plans.