Who Invented Air Conditioning?

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The summer months get warm in Lincoln. Homeowners depend on air conditioning systems to stay comfortable. For many homeowners, a cooler temperature is a matter of lowering the temperature on their thermostats. However, keeping your home cool has not always been so simple. It took a series of discoveries to reach the climate control equipment we have today.

Ancient Cooling Technology

From an early age in human history, people have recognized the cooling effects of evaporating water. The ancient Egyptians would put wet cloths in front of their doorways to cool the breeze. Wealthy Romans ran pipes with cold water from the aqueduct system to lower the temperature of interior rooms. These primitive cooling systems provided relief from the hot Mediterranean sun.

Industrial Age Progress

In northern climates, ice was the source of cooling for centuries. By blowing air over a block of ice, it could lower a room’s temperature. However, this was a messy solution that lasted only as long as the ice supply.

It was not until the early 1900s that the air conditioning technology we know today began to develop. City office buildings were notoriously uncomfortable in the summers. In 1902, an inventor named Willis Carrier devised a way to control air temperature and humidity using water mist. This invention was the first air cooling unit that ran on electricity.

Other innovations would soon follow. Fredrick Jones developed a portable air conditioning unit for use in army field hospitals in wartime. Shortly after Carrier announced his device, another inventor, Stuart Cramer, developed a device for adding moisture and controlling the temperature in textile mills. Cramer’s invention was the first patent to use the words, “air conditioner.”

Modern Convenience

Today, modern air conditioning systems are a standard part of many homes. When something goes wrong with your AC, you need it fixed soon. At Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc, we handle every aspect of AC service from installation to repair. We also offer complete heating and indoor air quality services to our Lincoln clients. Contact us today to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

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