July 15, 2020

Choosing the Right Thermostat Setting for Your HVAC System: ‘On’ vs. ‘Auto’

The HVAC system in your Lincoln, NE, home is extremely important. To keep it running well, you should pay attention to your thermostat setting. There are several factors to consider when determining whether your thermostat should be set to “on” or “auto.” Cost of Running the HVAC System One factor to consider when running your HVAC system is the money you spend on energy consumption. If you would like to have lower energy bills, you should set your thermostat to “auto” as it will ensure your HVAC system only runs when necessary to maintain a set temperature. When you set the thermostat to “on,” the fan always runs and you will replace the filter more frequently, costing you more. Distribution of Temperature If you are concerned with keeping the heated or cooled air fully distributed throughout your home, you should always keep the fan “on.” While it will require that your HVAC system operates constantly, setting the fan to the “on” setting will result in the temperature being more consistent through your home. When the fan is set to “auto,” the HVAC system cuts “on and off” to save energy, but it takes more time to reach the desired set...

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