May 12, 2020

How To Test Indoor Air For Mold

Mold tends to grow in moist places in a home and can cause a variety of issues. When it becomes airborne, it can be inhaled and lead to a variety of health issues. Identifying the presence of mold can be done in a variety of ways and improve the quality of the air in your home. Detecting Mold in Air Using home test kits can help you determine if there are mold spores circulating around various parts of your home. Mold often grows in the bathroom, areas that have been damaged by floods, behind refrigerators, and underneath piles of cardboard or paper. Placing the test kit Petri dishes around various parts of your home can allow them to collect mold spores as they float by. After 48 hours, the dishes can be closed up and placed in a dark place to allow any mold spores to multiply. After three to five days, you can check the dishes for any sign of mold growth and see if there is mold present in your home. Hire a Professional The best way to identify areas of mold growth in your home is to hire a professional. IAQ experts can detect both airborne and...

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