May 22, 2019

Product Warranties Have Many Benefits

When you purchase a product, you want to choose one with a warranty. Many customers aren’t aware of all the benefits that come with a warranty. Here are a few things you need to know about product warranties. Helps Budget the Cost of Ownership At in Lincoln, we have many brands that offer warranties on their products. A warranty is an important part of your new purchase. There are different types of warranties. Most products only have a limited warranty, and it will cover the product for a limited amount of time. You also have the option to purchase an extended warranty for more protection. In any case, these warranties help you to budget the cost of your product. If a part is faulty or breaks, you will not have to pay a large repair bill. Most warranties cover both parts and repairs. Replacement Parts for Your Product When a major component fails in your unit, your manufacturer warranty should cover the costs. In some cases, normal wear and tear may not be covered. It is always best to check your particular warranty to see what is protected. When you need a replacement part, as an authorized dealer, we will...

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