November 24, 2014

Common Sense Tips for Saving Money this Winter

Saving money during the winter doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Some of the best ways to save are easy and affordable fixes that you can do yourself. Turn it Down: Turning down the heat is likely the one suggestion that will really make you cringe. It’s bad enough it’s cold outside, so who wants to be cold inside? We understand, but the math may convince you otherwise. For every degree you decrease your home over an 8-hour period, you can save about 1 percent on your energy bill each year. To maximize savings, lower the temperature at night, when you aren’t home or when you aren’t using specific parts of the house. To combat the cold, wear layers and heavier clothing. If you spend most of your time in only one room of your home, keep the overall temperature down and use a space heater. Fix Drafty Windows and Doors: When you have a drafty window, you are literally sending heat out the window. This is costing you major dollars. Fix drafts using inexpensive weatherstripping, caulk, and window insulation to keep the warm air in your house, where it belongs. These small changes can save you 20 percent...

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