How To Change a Furnace Filter

What You Should Know About Changing a Furnace Filter

Changing your furnace filter offers a cost-effective way to boost your furnace’s efficiency in Lincoln and the surrounding areas. A clean furnace filter improves indoor air quality and eliminates allergens.

Indoor air particles can get trapped in your furnace. When this happens, dust can damage your furnace’s coils, fan or other components. If you want to extend the life of your furnace, change the filter before the dust piles up. Here’s how.

Determine Your Filter Options

There are several types of furnace filters on the market. Your options include disposable paper filters and reusable electrostatic filters.

Some filters are more expensive than others. When it comes to replacing your air filter, it isn’t necessary to break your budget. Buy a quality air filter that’s the appropriate size for your furnace.

Consult the Furnace Manual

Your furnace’s manual offers a wealth of information. Manuals provide detailed instructions about changing the air filter.

If you can’t locate the furnace manual, you may be able to find a copy of it online. However, replacing the furnace filter without the manual shouldn’t be a problem. The most challenging part is determining the filter’s location.

Furnace Filter Replacement Steps

The first step is to turn off your furnace. For added safety, it’s a smart choice to disconnect the furnace. Working on electrical appliances can be dangerous. Unplugging it will prevent electricity from flowing through the furnace while you’re changing the filter.

Remove the filter’s panel. Next, take out the old furnace filter. You’ll find the panel near the blower fan. Read the instructions on your new filter. Slide it into the furnace. Be sure to place it in the right direction. At Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc, our technicians take these steps when we perform maintenance services for HVAC systems, and they can do the same at your property.

Reliable Heating Services

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