How To Clean Air Conditioner Coils

As a homeowner, it’s likely that you put at least some time and effort into cleaning the areas in your house that people can see, especially when you have company coming over. Just as important, though, is cleaning some of the areas in your residence that you can’t see. Cleaning these areas will help your appliances to run well and keep your home comfortable.

One such area is the evaporator coil on your air conditioner. This coil is responsible for removing heat and humidity from your residence while your air conditioner runs, making it largely responsible for your indoor comfort. To help you to keep this important component clean, here are some basic insights from Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc in Lincoln as to how to best clean your air conditioner coils.

Basic Method: Using a Cleaner

The key when cleaning your air conditioner’s evaporator coil is to limit the amount of moisture that’s used. That’s because any moisture you use has to be able to drain through a low-capacity condensate drain line that’s located under the coil.

If you use too much moisture, this line will overflow, causing potential electrical and mechanical issues that Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc will need to address. That’s why the best way to clean your evaporator coil is to use a specially made evaporator coil cleaner. This cleaner helps to break down the dust and grime that has collected on your coil so that it can be removed more easily.

You can simply spray on this cleaner using a spray bottle, typically mixed with water in a 1:4 ratio. Once you have thoroughly coated the coil, allow the cleaner to sit for a while, then rinse it off using plain water in a squirt bottle. You can then use a Shop-Vac to remove any excess dirt in the other areas of your air conditioner unit.

More Advanced Cleaning

In some cases, the dust will be too thick for the evaporator coil cleaner to penetrate. If this occurs, it’s best to give Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc a call, as we can use specialized tools to remove the dust without overflowing your condensate drain line. In certain cases, we may have to remove the coil from the refrigerant line and take it outside to be washed down. This is something that’s definitely not a do-it-yourself project.

At Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc, we take pride in the level of service we’re able to offer our Lincoln customers. That’s why we’ll go to great lengths to be able to take care of all your heating and cooling needs. This includes repair, maintenance, and replacement of all HVAC equipment, along with installing specialized systems such as geothermal heat pumps and smart thermostats.

We’re also proudly rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and thrilled to sponsor Take Down for the Troops, among other initiatives. We believe in making our community a great place to be, which means serving our neighbors with the best care possible. This is reflected back to us in the form of many five-star reviews. If you need to have your air conditioner maintained, give us a call at Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc today.

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