What Is the Most Common Problem With Furnaces?

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The most common problem with furnaces is, ironically, one of the easiest to avoid. Use this guide to avoid the most common problem with furnaces and ensure you stay warm and comfortable this winter in Lincoln.

Dirty Air Filters Cause All Sorts of Problems

Your furnace uses a filter to trap airborne particles like dust, dirt, and pollen from accumulating in its heating system and inside your home. Over time, the filter will accumulate so many airborne particles that it clogs, causing airborne particles to accumulate in your home’s ductwork. As air travels through the ductwork, it forces the buildup of harmful airborne particles through air vents and into your home.

Dirty furnace filters cause a wide range of issues, including:

  • extreme wear and tear on the system
  • excessive use of energy to heat your home
  • rising heating bills
  • premature replacement of parts
  • costly repairs
  • poor indoor air quality

How To Fix a Dirty Air Filter

Fixing a dirty furnace filter is relatively easy. All you have to do is clean the one you already have or buy a new one to replace it. Most furnace filters are simple to change or clean; however, you can avoid having to do it yourself by having a technician do it for you during annual maintenance.

How To Prevent Dirty Furnace Filters

A clean furnace filter is critical for the health of your HVAC system and your home’s air quality. To extend the life of your furnace filter, follow these guidelines:

  • use a high-quality filter
  • seal air leaks
  • keep your home clean
  • regularly groom your pets
  • smoke outside only
  • use floor mats
  • invest in regular HVAC maintenance

Don’t know what’s wrong with your furnace? Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc can check the filter as well as inspect other parts of your heating system in Lincoln, NE to pinpoint and fix the problem. We also offer AC repairs, indoor air quality, and smart home services. Get in touch with Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc right away if your heater needs repair.