Ways to Extend the Lifespan of Your Furnace

Furnace Maintenance in Lincoln, NE

If you want your furnace to run efficiently and effectively for as long as possible, there is an array of tasks that you can perform. Most heaters are designed to operate for about 10 years before wear and tear on their parts make them prone to issues and unexpected breakdowns. Taking proper care of your furnace could extend its life expectancy.

Scheduling Regular Furnace Maintenance

An annual tune-up for your furnace can make it easy to catch any small issues before they develop into anything more serious. Technicians will examine each part of your heating system and get everything cleaned out. You can rely on them to perform an array of adjustments to optimize the overall functionality of your heater. Motors and moving parts will be lubricated to reduce wear on them, too.

Replacing Air Filters Regularly

It’s important to replace the air filters in your furnace as they get dirty. Thin 1- to 3-inch filters should be replaced at least every three months. Thicker filters can last for longer. Dirty air filters can reduce airflow through your home and put an increased load on your heater. This can reduce its life expectancy.

Reducing Heat Loss in your Home

Reducing the overall load on your heater can keep it running properly for a long time. Adding insulation to your house can reduce heat loss and minimize the amount your furnace has to work to keep your home at the right temperature. Double-paned windows are also a great way to reduce heat loss in your residence.

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