The Difference Between R22 and R410A Refrigerant

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Air conditioners produced before 2010 use R22 refrigerant. This refrigerant has been slowly phased out and can no longer be produced as of 2020. Since 2010, air conditioners have used R410A refrigerant. What’s the difference between these two refrigerants?

R22 Refrigerant

The United States and other countries phased out R22 refrigerant because it drastically harms the ozone layer and the ecosystem. When R22 leaks from an air conditioner, some of it rises into the sky, depleting the ozone layer. Hydrochlorofluorocarbon contains hydrogen, fluorine, chlorine, and carbon, and chlorine damages the ozone layer.

Because companies can no longer produce R22 refrigerant, you’ll have a problem getting any if your old air conditioner begins to leak. Since the supply of this refrigerant is rapidly dwindling, what remains has become expensive. In addition, most HVAC companies no longer have access to the refrigerant and, therefore, must suggest replacement of the unit.

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R410A Refrigerant

If your air conditioner was produced after 2010, it uses R410A refrigerant. This refrigerant doesn’t cause ozone depletion when it leaks, is cheaper, is easier to find, and is usually in an HVAC company’s stock room.

There are other benefits to R410A refrigerant. It absorbs and releases more heat than R22 refrigerant, so your AC compressor doesn’t get as hot and burn out. It’s also more energy efficient, so you’ll enjoy lower energy bills.

Can You Use R410A Refrigerant in an Old Air Conditioner?

Unfortunately, an old air conditioner can’t use R410A refrigerant because the new refrigerant requires a higher pressure. Older compressors will not be able to meet this demand.

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