October 20, 2021

What’s My Optimal Sleep Temperature?

There are many factors that create the optimal indoor sleep environment. One of the most important factors is room temperature. When the room is at the right temperature, falling asleep and staying asleep is much easier to accomplish. About Optimal Sleep Environments Typical recommendations for sleeping suggest a room temperature of around 65 degrees is best. However, each body is different, and you could require a few degrees higher or lower for restorative sleep. Generally, sleep is easier if temperatures fall between 60 and 67 degrees at night. Installing a thermostat in the bedroom can help you better understand and regulate your sleep environment. When It’s Too Cold or Too Hot It’s been proven we tend to sleep better in cooler temperatures. If your room is too hot or too cold, it can make it difficult to fall asleep. Temperatures out of sleep range can affect the normal internal temperature drop your body uses during sleep. When you want help managing your indoor temperatures, our team is available to work with you. has skilled industry professionals who can assess the condition of your heating and cooling system in Lincoln. Heat, Humidity and Cold Restless sleep can occur if indoor temperatures...

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