Reasons Why Your Furnace Can’t Keep Up With the Cold

Furnace installation and maintenance

A Lincoln winter would be hard to handle without a furnace to keep your home warm. However, you may find that your home’s furnace can’t always keep up with your heating needs. If that’s the case for you, you can use these tips from the trusted pros at Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc to boost your furnace’s performance.

Not Enough Airflow

The air filter is the first item you should check when your furnace isn’t keeping up. A clogged air filter reduces the airflow to your furnace to the point that your furnace may shut down to protect itself from overheating. Even if your furnace is still running, a dirty air filter can impede your furnace’s heating ability. Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc recommends checking your air filter at least once a month.

Problematic Thermostat Settings

Something as simple as a faulty thermostat setting can cause big problems during long cold snaps. If you have a programmable thermostat, carefully review each of the scheduled operating periods to make sure they match your current schedule. You should also ensure that the thermostat is set to heat your home and not just run the fan without running the furnace.

Time for Maintenance

In some cases, a visit from Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc is the only thing that can get your furnace back up and running. A trained technician can spot problems with the blower motor, heating elements, gas lines, and other furnace components that can be easy for the untrained eye to miss. To help keep your home comfortable, it’s a good idea to schedule a furnace inspection and tune-up once a year.

Keeping You Warm All Winter Long

At Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc, we take pride in keeping our customers warm throughout the winter. To do so, we provide installation, maintenance, and repair services for all types of furnaces. We also install smart thermostats, geothermal systems, and air conditioners. For over 30 years, residents throughout the region have been trusting us to deliver excellent service. This service is the key to our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and consistent five-star reviews. To learn more about taking care of your furnace this winter, contact us at Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc today.