How Long Can I Expect an HVAC System to Last?

AC life expectancy in Lincoln, NE

You want to get the most out of your HVAC investment because replacement is costly. You may be aware of the estimates that experts give for the life span of HVAC systems. For example, your average heat pump can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, gas and electric furnaces can last around 15 years, a little less for oil furnaces, and around 30 years for ductless mini-splits. Remember that these are estimates, and your system may run for a shorter or longer time based on the following factors.

Amount of Maintenance

As a homeowner, do you make sure to change the air filter in the return vent of your central heating and AC system? If you neglect this maintenance task, you’ll let the airflow get constricted, putting strain on the motor and shortening the system’s life span.

More broadly, you can’t ignore your HVAC system’s need for professional maintenance. Have a technician come over twice a year just before the cooling and heating season to inspect your unit and address any problems that are wearing it down. This way, your system can run for two or three decades as it’s meant to.


Location, climate, and even the amount of sun exposure your home gets can all influence the life expectancy of your system. If the temperatures are so extreme that you’re running your system year-round, this will translate to a shorter life. Dry climates cause dust and dirt to build up more rapidly in a unit, straining its operation as well.

Frequency of Use

We briefly touched on this, but the more you run your AC or heater, the sooner it will deteriorate and need replacing. If climate isn’t the reason for its continual use, then look to the thermostat and program it so that you’re running the system only when it’s necessary.

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