How Can Temperature Affect Your Sleep?

Air conditioning and sleep Feeling tired, run down, cranky and just generally out of sorts lately? Could be you need to change up your sleeping environment a bit. For example, did you know temperature variations affect the quality of REM sleep? Achieving the REM – rapid eye movement – stage during sleep is vital for living a healthy life.

For some people, just a couple of degrees too hot or too cold creates sleepless nights filled with tossing and turning and days in a mental fog.

Sleeping Tips for Lincoln, Nebraska Residents

According to and The National Sleep Foundation, the perfect sleeping temperature is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Sleeping in a moderately cold room promotes healthier REM sleep patterns. Many people report feeling more refreshed and energized after a night resting in a cool setting.

Of course, each individual’s body self-regulates temperature differently. Experts suggest you find a perfect comfort setting between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit and stick with it year round. If you feel too cool, try putting a hot water bottle in the bed near your feet, or sleep with soft, comfy socks on at night to help your body adjust.

Achieving REM – that’s the time when your body remembers things you learned or experienced during the time since you last slept – enables us to commit new things to long-term memory and boost serotonin that keeps our mood elevated and positive.

Creating a Cool Sleeping Environment

Make sure your heating and air conditioning system and thermostats work properly. Your thermostat setting may read 68 degrees, but if there is a just a three-degree variation, you’ll be out of the optimal zone. The best way to have confidence in your system and all of its components are working perfectly is to schedule an inspection and routine maintenance service.

While sleeping with a fan may make you feel cool, the noise is distracting for some, and your goal is to control the room temperature; not your body temperature. If you need some noise to drown out ambient neighborhood sounds, consider a sound machine that does not affect room temperature.

Benefits of Restorative Sleep

Getting enough restorative sleep improves daytime concentration, elevates the mood, promotes strong, healthy muscles and bones, and helps you maintain a lifetime of precious memories. Make sure you’re sleeping in a cool room without distractions to disrupt your sleep patterns.

Lincoln Heating and Air Conditioning Experts

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