Are You Doing Everything to Heat Your Home as Efficiently as Possible?

If you’d like to reduce your energy bills, one of the best ways of doing so is heating your home as efficiently as possible. Taking these steps can increase your home comfort.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Many people don’t realize they can change the direction of their ceiling fans. You should flip the switch on them to make them spin in reverse during the winter. This pushes the warm air that collects at the ceiling down to where you’ll feel it. You’ll feel warmer while keeping your thermostat set lower.

Schedule a Tune-Up

You should have your heater tuned-up by a technician every fall. Tune-ups ensure your unit is operating efficiently and safely. The result will be lower energy bills, increased home comfort and better indoor air quality.

Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc of Lincoln, NE, offers furnace tune-ups. We’re an environmentally conscious company that works hard to make sure your heater is energy efficient.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are an easy way to make your home more energy efficient. A smart thermostat learns your routines and heating preferences to save you money on your energy bills. Once the smart thermostat learns more about you, it’ll highlight additional ways you can increase the energy efficiency of your heater.

Seal Your Air Ducts

Damaged and leaky air ducts are a major cause of high energy bills. You can save up to 30% on your energy bills by having a heating company seal them. Having your ducts sealed ensures the warm air your heater produces ends up inside your home instead of in an unconditioned space, such as the attic or crawlspace.

Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc is the company to call if you need help with your heater or air conditioner in Lincoln. We repair, replace and tune-up heating and cooling systems. We can also improve the indoor air quality in your home by installing a whole-home ventilator, humidifier and air purifier. Please call us today to schedule an appointment.