Does Humidity Affect My Air Conditioner?

If you have ever run your air conditioner on a humid day, you may have noticed it did not seem to do much. This is because of how air conditioners work.

Why Air Conditioners Struggle in High Humidity

AC units work by condensing water vapor. They work as dehumidifiers as well as cooling systems. This is because high humidity will make your home feel warmer than it is. While air conditioners are very effective at dehumidifying, on humid days, they can be overwhelmed. Once the humidity rises, the cooling effect is lowered.

You will notice signs of high humidity like feeling clammy, seemingly moist air, condensation on windows, and a damp or musty smell. Once the humidity rises, your system will struggle. It will run harder and longer. This will make the unit wear out faster and will raise your energy bills.

Why It Happens

The outdoor humidity can be the root cause of high humidity in your house. If your system is too large for your space, it might cause humidity problems. This is because it cools too quickly before it can dehumidify the space. A system with only one speed may also struggle to control humidity. Since it likely will not run consistently, it will not dehumidify.

Older units can also struggle with humidity as they age. If you run your fan only, it can blow humid air back into your home before it has a chance to escape. If you experience regular issues with humidity, you can get a dehumidifier to help. This can be a separate unit or installed into your current system.

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