What Makes Great HVAC Repair?

If you’re looking for a great heating repair company in Lincoln, Nebraska, the first question to ask yourself is “what, exactly, makes an HVAC service company great?”

Depending on who you ask, you’re bound to get lots of different answers. Some people will be quick to highlight the need for 24/7 emergency service, and that’s important, no doubt, because when your furnace dies in the middle of a cold winter’s night, you don’t want to be stuck waiting around for hours for the technician to show up, your teeth chattering the whole time.

Others will stress the importance of proper certifications (NATE certifications, for example), and an outstanding reputation for customer service that’s backed up by more than the company’s own word. They’ll want to know what the company’s rating with the BBB is, and what percentage of customer reviews are 4 and 5 star, at a minimum. Still others will be interested in whether or not the company guarantees or warranties their work, and if so, for how long.

The list goes on and on, but here’s something you may not have considered. Sure, all of the things mentioned above are important, but honestly, any company you do business with should be doing those things, at a minimum, or you shouldn’t even consider them. What you really want from your HVAC service provider is a company that understands that your home’s comfort system is about more than just heating and air conditioning. You want a company that understands that there are a lot of other ancillary systems that play a major role in your home’s overall level of comfort.

Wellmann Heating & A/C understand that. That’s why they offer a comprehensive home performance evaluation. See, there are all sorts of reasons why your heating and/or air conditioning equipment may not be operating at peak efficiency. It could be a mechanical problem with the unit itself, sure, but it could also be clogged or dirty duct work. A malfunctioning thermostat, or any number of other things. Wellmann can go through your home from one end to the other and evaluate every aspect of your system and what elements may be contributing to higher power bills. Once you understand what’s causing your bill to be higher than you’d like, you can begin systematically addressing those problems, reaping savings month after month. If the evaluation reveals numerous problems, you could take these repairs in stages, using the month to month savings to help pay for future repairs and upgrades.

Just to give you some examples, cleaning dirty ductwork can cut your power bill by 20% or more. Upgrading your system to geothermal could save you as much as 80%. A digital thermostat could save you as much as 20%. A zoned HVAC system could save 25-30%, every single month.

You obviously don’t have to adopt every suggestion in the evaluation, but the more changes and improvements you make, the more efficient and cost effective your HVAC system will be, and the more money you’ll save. Those are all good things, and Wellmann can help. Give them a call today if you find yourself in need of heating repair services in Lincoln, Nebraska, or any other home comfort system needs.