Does Unpredictable Weather Cause Damage to My HVAC Unit?

Depending on where you live, the weather is pretty much the same during certain parts of the year. For those who live in regions where the temperature and weather can change unexpectedly, your HVAC unit works overtime.

The weather’s mood swings can have a direct effect on your HVAC system. During those fluctuations, the unit may have to work overtime one day because it’s hot – but, may have to run the heat a day or two later. This stress on the system affects the efficiency of its performance, resulting in high energy bills.

Ways to help prevent damage to your HVAC unit

While not overusing the system is the number one way to prevent damage, living in extreme weather fluctuations doesn’t leave you much choice. Here are a few ways to help your system withstand unpredictable weather:

Smart Thermostat

A programmable or smart thermostat will help regulate the use of your HVAC system. You won’t have to worry about using heat when you don’t need it, or running the air during those times when it’s cool outside. This will also help monitor your energy bill, resulting in lower costs.

Servicing your System

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system can also help control the effects of unpredictable weather. This will extend the life of your system, and lessen the strain as the system switches from cool to warm on a semi-regular basis.

Check your ducts

Ensuring your ducts are sealed and maintaining the cool or warmth throughout your space can help avoid putting a strain on the system. If your energy costs are higher than they should be, this is a significant indication of duct leaks.

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