Unpredictable Nebraska Weather Is Never Boring

If there is one thing that residents of Nebraska are sure about, it is the unpredictability of the weather. The wide open spaces of the state are subject to sub-zero to 100-degrees plus, as well as floods, droughts, tornado activity and snow storms. The weather can change dramatically in a matter of hours or even minutes. The unpredictable Nebraska weather is created from the interplay of various factors, including physical topography and wind patterns.

Unpredictable Nebraska Weather Is Never Boring

The wind patterns are created when the surface winds come from the south and the west, as well as high altitude winds which move sharply downward due in part to the Coriolis Effect which is enhanced by the spin of the Earth. The air moves toward higher pressure areas, causing the Northern air to move South toward the equatorial regions.

As the cold Northern air collides with the warm winds moving up from the Gulf of Mexico, the result is at least one of the reasons for the unpredictability of the weather in the state. Another reason is the general flatness of Nebraska. The Rocky Mountains to the west prevent the Arctic or Gulf air from moving to the West. Instead, the gradual rise of land from 1000 feet in elevation in the Eastern part of the state to the West reaching over 4000 feet, means there are no predictable locations for storm centers.

Generally, there is not a great variation in temperatures across the state. The summer tends to be hot, with little topographical features to moderate the temperatures. The state is far removed from any large body of water, so temperatures may swing widely from day to day and from season to season. Triple digit summers followed by sub-zero winters are not unusual. High winds and freezing temperatures can make winters miserable.


Torrential rains during certain times of each year can significantly affect flood levels. The flood stage of certain rivers such as the North Platte can rise rapidly and affect homes and roadways.While flooding is not an example of unpredictability weather, the rain that brings on the floods is often unexpected.

There is a significant number of tornadoes which hit the State during any year. The state is certainly no stranger to tornado activity. The peak tornado season is the months of May, June, and July. Nebraska is in fifth place in the average number of tornadoes per year, behind Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Florida. The long term average is 57 tornado events each year.

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