March 17, 2022

Is Buying a Used Furnace to Save Money Safe?

Everyone enjoys saving money whenever possible, and buying something used rather than new is often an economical strategy. However, it doesn’t apply to furnaces. One item that you should never purchase used is a furnace. Consider the following reasons why it’s wise to avoid the lure of saving some dollars by purchasing someone else’s heating headaches. It Can Be Harmful Whether you buy an electric or gas furnace, the used heating equipment could have pre-existing issues. There could be a problem with the heating coils, blower fan, or electrical wiring that might start a fire. If you buy a gas furnace, it might have leaks that could be hazardous. An older furnace that has not been maintained properly is more likely to become a real danger. It Won’t Be Covered Under Warranty Many furnaces come with a ten-year warranty. Furnace warranties provide protection to cover various components as well as labor. However, most furnace manufacturers declare that the warranty exclusively extends to the original purchaser and only to the residence where the installation was initially done. As a result, when labor and components are no longer covered under warranty, you are responsible for paying the repair costs and labor to...

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