June 12, 2021

How To Reset Your Air Conditioning Unit

If your Lincoln, NE, air conditioner starts to behave erratically or won’t turn off, you may need to reset it. A reset may also be necessary if your air conditioner tripped the circuit breaker. The process of resetting your air conditioner involves a few steps, and it will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. If your air conditioning system is still having issues after a reset, you may need professional troubleshooting from our skilled technicians. Shut It Off The first step in resetting your air conditioner is turning it off. To do this, go to the thermostat. Turn the cooling system off. Next, find the shutoff switch on the air conditioner. If you’re not sure where it’s located, refer to the owner’s manual. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, look up your air conditioner’s make and model. Most manufacturers have the owner’s manuals available online at no cost. Go to the circuit breaker. Locate the circuit for the air conditioner. Turn it off. Wait After cutting electricity to the air conditioner, wait for one minute. Use your phone or watch as a timer. After one minute is up, restore power to the air conditioner at the circuit breaker. Turn...

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