February 18, 2021

How To Test Indoor Air Quality For Mold

Mold is everywhere, and when it grows, it releases spores. Although most molds aren’t toxic, some of them are. Toxic molds can grow in homes, and their spores can cause a wide range of health problems. It’s important to know whether your Lincoln, NE, home’s air quality is compromised by toxic mold. These three types of tests can determine which types of mold are in your home and which solutions will be the most effective at getting rid of them. Do a Visual Inspection of Your Home Look around the areas of your home that are the most humid. The bathroom, under sink cabinets, basement, crawl space and kitchen are common areas where mold can grow on drywall, cardboard, fabric, and paneling. If you see black, green, white or brown discoloration, you have mold. Evaluate Your Health If your allergies or asthma have gotten worse, and there’s no obvious reason why mold may be the cause. If you have new breathing problems, such as a runny or stuffy nose, sinus congestion, or frequent coughing or wheezing, mold may cause this even if you’re not allergic to it. Unexplained headaches, rashes, fatigue, and eye, nose or throat irritation can also be...

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