May 20, 2022

Does Closing Upstairs Air Vents Save Money?

Heating and cooling systems rely on a fan that sends air through the ducts and out the vents located in rooms. The process comes with costs, as monthly utility bills reveal. Homeowners might worry about costs and waste, and they may also worry about air released in upstairs rooms no one occupies. Many think closing the vents would save money, but the opposite might occur. Vents and Ducts Air has to travel through the ducts to the vents upstairs. Therefore, closing the vents does not reduce the energy required to produce that air. A closed vent may act like a brick wall and stop the airflow, but the pressure would force the air backward through the ducts. Even if the vents were in perfect condition, the process wouldn’t save much money. More than likely, closing the vents would create costly problems. Damage in the Ducts The leaks and holes inside the ducts could waste energy. If there is a loose connection or severe perforations, closing the vents would force air out of the holes, wasting money. Don’t assume the damage to the ducts has to be significant for the problem to occur. Even small holes will become a path for...

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