June 11, 2018

Can Rainy, Humid Weather Damage My AC Unit?

Most A/C units are built to withstand typical changes in the weather, but severe conditions are capable of causing damage. Continuous rain and prolonged levels of high humidity can affect your air conditioner in many ways. Humidity and Your Air Conditioner To understand why humidity can affect your air conditioner’s ability to cool your home and cause costly repairs, you first need to have a fundamental grasp of how your A/C works. An air conditioner cools the air inside your home by converting hot air into a liquid and then back again using several processes. One of these processes uses an evaporator coil which draws heat from the air. When the humidity level is high, the evaporator coil needs to work extra hard to remove all of the heat. This additional strain can cause your A/C unit to overheat and stop working. But besides the potential to cause damage to the operation of your air conditioner, there are other hazards A high level of humidity means more water will run off into the water collection area. This excessive amount of water can encourage mildew, mold, and algae to grow. This results in a situation which is not only harmful to...

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