Your home’s indoor air quality in Hickman, NE can positively or negatively affect your health and that of your family. In fact, some studies argue that the indoor air quality in some homes and offices can be more hazardous than the outdoor air in most industrial cities. Luckily, with regular air quality testing, you’re able to detect and counter the problem to protect your loved ones from the dangers of polluted indoor air.

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    Indoor Air Quality in Hickman

    Even with regular cleaning and vacuuming, your indoor air quality can still be compromised. Some of the cleaning products you’re using to keep your space clean contain volatile organic compounds that can degrade the quality of the air in your home or office. Even the air freshener you’re using to make your home smell clean and fresh could potentially cause harm to your health and that of your family.

    A majority of us love pets, especially furry animals such as cats and dogs. And although the positive impacts on our physical and mental health are numerous, these excellent companions can compromise the state of the air you breathe. Pet dander and hair are major contaminants in households with pets. Furthermore, they carry dust and pollen from when you go out for a walk or to the park and bring them back to your home.

    Even your water heater and other combustion appliances can relegate the quality of the air in your house. Your HVAC system is supposed to make your home comfortable and clean the air you breathe. However, without proper check-ups and regular maintenance, your system can release pollutants into your air. If you smoke inside your home, then you’re negatively affecting the air that your loved ones breathe. In older buildings, a major indoor air pollutant is asbestos. This is often found in old construction material, flooring tiles, and paints.

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    By performing air quality testing, you’ll be able to detect air pollutants such as:

    • Radon
    • Volatile organic compounds
    • Carbon monoxide
    • Dust
    • Smoke

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    At Wellmann Heating & Air, Inc, we understand the adverse effects of poor indoor air quality, including sinus congestion, skin, and eye irritation, dizziness, and many others. Furthermore, we know how poor air quality can make life uncomfortable for your loved ones with asthma and allergies. Since 1984, our experts have offered many households unique comfort solutions.

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