Improve Your Home’s R-Values

R-values are given to the different materials in your home, depending on how well-insulated they are. The higher the R-value, the better the material is insulated. R-values are recommended based on region and climate. The major areas to check the insulation in are:

Attics: Improve the R-value of the insulation in your attic by adding blow-in insulation, rolled insulation, or foam insulation. You will notice a big difference in the summer and winter!

Walls: You can also add rolled and spray-in foam insulation to your walls. Radiant barrier is another options. This will help keep the outdoor temps at bay.

Windows and doors: Upgrade windows to low-E alternatives, and doors to fiberglass alternatives. Make sure caulking around windows is sufficient (replace if necessary), and add weatherstripping around doors.

All of these improvements will help keep the cool air you pay for in the summer inside your home, and the warm air you pay for in the winter inside your home. You’ll also notice a big difference in cooling cost when your home is well-insulated. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard during the summer, and you will be much more comfortable in your home. Wellmann Heating is the leading choice for air conditioning in Lincoln – contact us today!