5 Summer Prep Tips for AC

It seems like we just got done with spring cleaning, but our scorching summer and fall months are descending upon us! How do you prepare? For most homes and business in Lincoln, air conditioning uses more electricity than any other use. There are ways to reduce this load before sweltering months kick into full gear. Here are some easy some summer preparation practices to help reduce your usage and electric bills:

Should You Close Unused Vents?
Experts offer different opinions on the efficiency of closing vents and doors to unused rooms. In quite a few cases, this will decrease your air conditioning unit’s efficiency. Please double-check for any rooms with thermostats in them. You might not want to close them off. You can contact a technician at Wellmann Heating & Air and they can advise you about closing off any parts of the house for the summer.

Keep the Heat Off Your Thermostat
Check to see that computers, televisions, lamps and other household devices that generate heat are not too close to your thermostat. If so, this can inadvertently drive up your temperature reading, causing the AC unit to kick off and on repeatedly all day and night to keep the temperature low. This can overburden your air conditioning system.

Yes, Use Your Ceiling Fans
Make sure your sleek ceiling fans are clean and spinning smoothly. AC is not a substitute for ceiling fans; utilize them in tandem. Some people set their fans to pull hot air upward. On those triple-digit days, a downward airflow generates a chilling wind. Usually, this is done by setting your fan to spin counter-clockwise. You’ll feel cooler, and even look cooler with your hair flowing in the breeze.

Annual AC Maintenance
If you have a faulty cooling system, it can have quite an impact on your services as well as your finances. How do you know if your cooling system needs a little TLC? Contact Wellmann Heating & Air if you notice water leaks, gunky vents or strange odors. Our technicians can diagnose faults and repair problems with any air conditioning maintenance issue.